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Soggy Harvest: The Pros and Cons of Heavy Rain for California Citrus Industry

By Fresh Plaza

The recent heavy rains in California have had an impact on the state’s citrus industry as well as other agricultural businesses leading to gaps in production. On the one hand , the rain has provided the citrus plants with much-needed hydration and has helped nourish the soil. This is vital for the tree's growth and development. However the rains have also created some difficulties for farmers to access their fields, making tree care and harvesting difficult. Additionally, heavy rainfall can cause flooding, which can damage the fruit and render it unmarketable.

Despite these challenges posed by heavy rainfall, citrus farmers in California are successfully overcoming obstacles by utilizing their well-drained irrigation systems, and ensuring water reaches the crops while preventing vast flooding in the fields. Furthermore the farmers are keeping a close eye on the weather forecasts to predict gaps in the heavy rain storms to harvest the fruits.

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