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Rise in ACP Finds - A Reminder to Stay Alert

By Citrus Insider

In the past few months, we have seen sporadic Asian citrus psyllid (ACP) detections popping up across California. While the citrus industry’s efforts have thus far kept Huanglongbing (HLB) out of commercial groves, these recent ACP detections are a reminder that we cannot let our guard down. The most effective way to prevent the spread of HLB is to keep psyllids out of our orchards.

Where ACP goes HLB tends to follow - it's good to remain vigilant and stay ahead of the spread. Now is the time to contact Croptix about scheduling a trial of our HLB screening services so you can protect your future! These trials are a great way to see how it works in your fields, without committing to a large number of trees or extended period of service.

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